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In 1962 Giulio Gianola founded Bharbjt, a craft workshop, that manufacture cutting tools and cutlery. The factory is in Premana, in Alta Valsassina, where, since the times of ancient Romans, man mined and worked iron for producing cutting and farm tools.
The company is specialized in the processing of cheese knives and cheese-maker tools. Thanks to that, Bharbjt get a place in the knives market, paying particular attention to the quality of production’s materials and to the design of the products.

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From over fifty years, Bharbjt produces specific cutting tools for the cheese and dairy sector.
Thanks to the great tradition in working iron that characterise the territory of Valsassina, the Gianola family has been able to combine craftsmanship and technological innovation, in order to have safe products, attention to details and long lasting.

Bharbjt catalog reflects this passion for craftsmanship tradition, while maintaining high quality and ensuring the accuracy given by modern and advanced machinery .

Each cheese, its knife

Since 1962, Bharbjt offers to its customers quality, reliability and passion.